When it comes to your health – leave nothing to chance.

In Canada and the U.S. we are fortunate to have some of the very best medical care in the world. Sometimes, however, even our most highly trained physicians, specialists, and technicians require assistance from the specialists who are aware of all the latest information relating to the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses.

That’s where we come in.

At Monarch we offer individuals who are struggling with their diagnosis and recommended treatment plans the opportunity for a second opinion. We are an intermediary of medical advisory services that connect the seriously ill and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm the right diagnosis and the right treatment options. And this – all without leaving their own home, their own doctor, or their present healthcare system.

We will help you to navigate your way through a medical condition – no matter how complex – from discovery and diagnosis to treatment and follow up.

Your personalized second opinion comes from teams of highly specialized physicians and world-class hospitals. These teams are multi-disciplinary – ensuring that your medical file is reviewed by specialists selected for their expertise, who then work together as a team to provide a diagnosis and customized treatment plan. You will receive a report from the specialists on your team with an integrated summer of all findings. They are multi-institutional – meaning that your information is reviewed simultaneously by a number of specialists at a variety of world- class hospitals who are all ranked within the top 10 hospitals in the United States. Most importantly, they are prompt – time is often a key factor in successful treatment and your customized information is typically available within five business days following receipt and review of your complete medical record and pathology/radiology revise if required.

Monarch Intermediaries is a membership for service – not an insurance policy. It is important to note that there are no exclusions for a pre-existing medical conditions. This service is available to each member and their eligible family members.

Conditions Covered

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