WorldCare Second Opinions are driven by best-practices methodology used at world-class medical institutions.

Our 6-step process ensures that your medical information is protected while allowing your customized team of specialists to work together to create your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Initiate Contact

The Monarch member who has been diagnosed and would like a Second Opinion should contact a representative to initiate the process and be assigned a dedicated Case Manager for individual support.

Medical Record Collection

Your Case Manager will help you to gather the complete medical records required for your case. This will include all primary diagnostics (pathology, radiology, EKGs, ultrasounds, EEGs, EMGs, etc.) and, along with your local physician, you will be encouraged to submit any questions that you’d like answered by the consulting specialists.

Hospital Triage

Following quality assurance of your medical records, they will be digitized, encrypted and then sent directly to a participating world-class hospital. This process allows your case to be triaged quickly by the appropriate specialists.

Multi-disciplinary Review

Each component of your case will be reviewed by a specialist selected for their expertise and an integrated report with a diagnosis and treatment recommendation will be prepared and returned electronically by that specialist to WorldCare. Your Case Manager will then conduct a quality check and ensure that all of your and your local physician’s questions have been answered.

Package Preparation

Your Case Manager will prepare your Second Opinion package, including the individual specialists’ reports, and then send it to you and your local physician. WorldCare advises that you meet with your local physician to review the diagnoses and recommended treatment plan together.

Follow Up

Your electronic record will be maintained in WorldCare’s secure database for follow-up and your Case Manager will remain available to you and your physician to answer any questions.