A small gesture that is, in fact, a really big deal.

Including a Monarch Service Membership in your employee benefit package equips your employees with the comfort that they have access to the best information and medical specialists should they or their family ever need it. It also equips them with the knowledge that you care about their well being and is a unique way to give your organization the ability to demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of their value. It helps the performance and the culture of your team, keeps good people around longer and differentiates you in the marketplace for new talent.

Benefits of a Second Medical Opinion

Peace of Mind:
Experts from top hospitals provide opinions tailored to YOUR specific situation.

Ease of Access:
Opinions delivered to you without the hassle of arranging appointments or travel.

Physician Interaction:
Audio conferences between the referring and the consulting physicianto discuss the case.

Reinforce local physician-patient relationship:
Maintain the comfort and convenience of the local physician relationship, working together to ensure the correct diagnosis and the most effective treatment.

Enhanced Care and Quality of Care:
Ensure that the treatment with the greatest chance of success is putinto effect as quickly as possible.